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About Travel – in Finnish!

Matkasto Travel Media was founded by a Finnish travel journalist Päivi Kaarina Laajanen in 2012. It is an online media focused in travel topics: mainly cultural travel, nature experiences and family travel.

At the moment Matkasto Travel Media includes

We also have several Social Media channels:

Matkasto Travel Media reaches thousands of Finnish travel enthusiasts monthly. Our typical readers are 30–50 years old educated women living in bigger cities, but also younger and older travelers (including men!) have found us. Most of our followers seem to share an interest in different cultures and cultural travel, as well as nature travel.

We collaborate with tourism boards and travel businesses to promote travel destinations, products and services in the Finnish market. Collaboration with Matkasto Travel Media means visibility in one or more of the channels mentioned above (online magazine, blogs and social media).

If you are interested in collaborating with either Matkasto travel magazine or our blogs, please contact the editor-in-chief Päivi Kaarina Laajanen to find out more. You can send your email to: